Conference Notes

After General Conference in April 2012, my Mom called me excited about all of the things she had learned from watching and listening to our church leaders.  Getting to church was always difficult for her but she would watch BYUtv every Sunday for her "church".  General Conference was an extra treat for her.  Two days of church and two days of guidance from her Heavenly Father.

A few days after she passed away, we spent time cleaning out her apartment and I found a stack of note cards where she had scrawled her thoughts and feelings from conference.  I still have them.  

Yesterday I couldn't help but to think what she would have written down when Elder Holland spoke about mental illness during the Saturday afternoon session.  Elder Holland's talk can be found here-->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq4-7rK3dUM

I hope she knows that I understand.

I hope she feels relief from the pains that inflicted her.

I hope she is experiencing true happiness.


Who do you love?

Anna--"Mom, who do you love most in our family?"


Anna--"Who second most?  Me because I like to snuggle with you the most or Tyler because he's always good to you?"

Me--"Ummm, why not Jared or Evan?"

Anna--"Well maybe it's them...because they teach you things like how to jump on the trampoline and not pee your pants."


An Angel's Landing

While we were in Michigan, my siblings and I discussed where our Mom would want her and Jimmy's ashes to be scattered. In a month, some of us would be heading out west for our brother Joel's wedding at Zion's National Park. At the park is a beautiful and very high peak called Angel's Landing. Because Jimmy and my mom met in souther Utah while traveling with the carnival, we thought this location would be a perfect resting spot for "Angel" and Jimmy Urquhart.

This past month has been a crazy time in our life. Running scout camps, an overhaul clearing out of the house, keeping the kids busy, a quick trip to PA, etc...Having so much to do has been a blessing and has helped me to put my focuses elsewhere. However, often times I've felt this sudden and overwhelming feeling of emptiness and sadness. No tears, but an aching feeling, wishing I could just pick up the phone and call my Mom and not really wanting to think about saying goodbye.

So as we went through security in our way out west, I was caught off guard by my emotions. Because we were carrying two bags of ashes, our bag needed checked and tested for suspicious substances. The TSA worker was very professional and apologetic, but while she performed the test the reality of saying goodbye hit me. And I started to cry. The finality of it all. I know that I will see my mom again. But knowing that I won't see her or talk to her again during this life is hard.

After Joel and Jamie's wedding, Jeff, Tara, Rob and I set out for the 5 mile hike to and from Angel's Landing. Knowing my fear of heights, hiking to the top of Angel's Landing would not be a reality for me, but we heard there was a good spot before the last scary part that was beautiful. We wound our way up the mountain, switchback after switchback. It was so hot and our legs were feeling the burn if the climb. Once we got to the top we realized that there were too many people around, so we sent Rob off to finish the hike to the peak while Jeff, Tara and I went further up the west rim to find the perfect spot for our Mom.

A little further up we found a small tree on the edge of the steep cliff (over 1000 feet up) a little off the beaten trail. The view of Angel's Landing from this spot was spectacular! It was dramatic! I imagined my mom flying off the cliff towards Angel's Landing. She would have loved the beauty of it all. Jeff offered a simple and touching prayer. We then scattered Janet "Angel" and Jimmy Urquhart underneath this little tree.

We took several photos of the location so that we can come back and visit it again with hopes of leaving a little Angel memento there one day.

As I hiked down to meet Rob, I was so grateful for this special moment. I know that my mom was pleased and happy with her resting place. Truly, this was a beautiful day.


November 26, 1953-June 5, 2012


Janet Sue Sluyter Urquhart “Angel”, a resident of Breckenridge, MI and beloved wife of the late James “Jimmy” Urquhart passed away on June 5, 2012 in her home at the age of 58. She was born in Detroit, MI on November 26, 1953, the daughter of Winfield Josiah Sluyter and the late Marjorie Evelyn Hobbs. Janet is survived by her father Winfield Sluyter of Petoskey, MI; sister Jennifer Bellairs of Charlevoix, MI; brother David Sluyter of Petoskey, MI; daughters Andrea Kunz of Manassas, VA; Audrey Jacobson of Mapleton, UT; Kymberly Haswell of Ithaca, MI; sons Joel Chiapelli of Hatboro, PA; Jeffery Chiapelli of Getzville, NY; Dana Haswell III of Ithaca, MI. Janet was affectionately know as “Granny Janny” by her nineteen grandchildren.
Janet grew up in Troy, MI and attended Troy High School. Janet spent most of her life in the state of Michigan, but also lived for short periods of time in Utah, California, Pennsylvania and Florida. Janet loved animals and had several pets over the years.
A Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday June 12th at 10:30 am at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 927 Union Street, Ithaca, MI 48847.

**I do plan on blogging more regarding my mom, but the reality of this has been extremely overwhelming.  Ever since being home, I've been busy, busy, busy and the past few days I have felt a heavy weight pressing on me.  Like an aching pressure in my chest.  Like I'm on the verge of crying my eyes out all over again.  I have so many thoughts and feeling that swirl around and for my own sake, I plan on getting it all out...just not right now.**


I'm Famous...

For looking like a dork, that is!

It looks like I'm ready to catch a piece of shrimp at a Japanese steakhouse!

Really!  Of all the pictures this lady could have chosen (and she took a lot), she picked this one?  I was having a really good hair day, but come on!  I'm sure the photos of the cute kids singing turned out better than this one.

On a serious note, I do love my "job".  And I say "job" because I hardly would call it that.  It kind of just fell into my lap, and I jumped at the chance to take it.  I don't even enjoying singing!  Unless it's with a bunch of energetic and happy 4 year olds.  I look forward to music time each week and seeing the love and excitement in the children's eyes.  It seriously is the best job EVER!


We are so proud of Tyler for taking on this adventure.  He's not a center of attention kind of kid and prefers to be behind the scenes.  He went in to the play tryouts with the intention of being a stage tech, but ended up scoring the role of John Darling in one of the two casts of Peter Pan.

And what a great experience it was for him!  He was able to spend lots of time memorizing lines and songs and choreography.  Hours and hours of after school play practices and time spent with good friends.  All of the hard work in the end was worth it.  And he's already talking about doing it again next year (this time he doesn't even want to do stage tech, too boring).


My Day.

All day yesterday, I told my kids the top ten reasons why this was the best Mother's Day ever.

10.  I woke up to hugs and kisses and Mother's Day wishes.  They were earlier than I would have liked, but they were initiated by the kids and that made my morning wonderful.

9.  Jared, Evan and Anna all created special Mother's Day cards for me and they were so excited to share them.  I loved all of them and the thoughtfulness behind them.  My children know me well!

(I do not smack Evan!  He likes when I playfully push him.  Geesh--I wonder what his teacher thought??)

8.  My parents came down for the weekend and helped me with the kids.

7.  The kids and my Dad made a yummy pancake brunch for us!

7.  I was able to spend a lot of time with Tyler prepping for his school play.  He also presented a talk during our Sacrament Meeting at church.  The topic--his mother. :)  He wrote and prepared it all on his own.  I am so proud of him and all of the hard work he put into the past week.  "What doesn't kill you makes me you stronger!"

6.  Rob came home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And we were back together again as a family.

5.  Rob came home!!!  With a beard.  And muscles.  

4.  The children sang a beautiful song during church to all of the mothers.  And of course, I cried.

3.  We all lounged around in the evening, watching the video recording of Tyler's performance of Peter Pan since his Dad missed it.

2.  Then we watched the season finale of our favorite show to watch as a family...Once Upon A Time!

1.  We were all finally home under the same roof.  Best.  Mother's Day.  Ever.

I hope yours was just as great.